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Criminal Investigations

We provide advice and assistance to suspects of criminal investigations 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If you are under arrest and taken to a police station to be interviewed in relation to a criminal allegation you will be asked whether you would like a Solicitor. This is your right and is free of charge regardless of your financial circumstances. Criminal Law can be complex and cases can be won or lost at the police station and the importance of advice you can trust at an early stage is fundamental. If you request A & M Solicitors Ltd when you are asked whether you would like a Solicitor we can ensure that your case gets off to the best possible start.

Legal Advice is at Hand

It is becoming increasingly common for the police, rather than arresting a suspect, to invite them to the police station to be interviewed as a volunteer. It is important to understand that the implications of the interview are equally as significant as if you are arrested. If you are asked to attend the police station as a volunteer you are still entitled to free and independent legal advice. If you have been invited to attend such an interview please contact us in advance in order that you can arrive at the police station in the knowledge that legal advice will be at hand.

Although this service is principally provided throughout Lancashire, due to obvious time limitations, we are able to provide this service throughout England and Wales.

Sometimes investigations are undertaken by bodies other than the police such as Local Councils, the Department for Work and Pensions, Trading Standards. Where such bodies do not have a power of arrest legal aid may not be available, however the interviews that they undertake with suspects are of equal significance to those undertaken at the police station. We have a wide range of experience of such interviews and are able to advise and assist you, with legal aid where available or at competitive rates.