First Class Representation

Criminal Proceedings

If you are prosecuted then your case may proceed before the Magistrates' or Crown Court. Criminal Litigation is the corner stone of our practice and detailed preparation is the foundation upon which our practice is built.

We understand that a conviction can cost your reputation, family, livelihood and even liberty, that is why we ensure that client care is at the forefront of our service delivery.

An Experienced Team

Our Criminal Team have experience in dealing in offences of the most serious and complex nature including, to name just a few:

  • Operation Broadcast
    Six handed conspiracy to traffic females from Hungary into and around the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation
  • Operation Chisel
    Money laundering and possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply
  • Operation Forebear
    MTIC fraud in the context of the textile and mobile phone industries involving over 200,000 pages of prosecution evidence
  • Operation Jammed
    Theft of carbon credits and disposal of proceeds
  • Operation Magician
    Seven handed conspiracy to traffic females from Romania for sexual exploitation
  • Operation Oak
    36 handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs
  • Operation Reef
    Six handed drug conspiracy, only defendant to secure acquittal
  • Operation Sebring
    13 week, multiple defendant trial, acquitted of murder
  • Operation Shootout
    Violent disorder involving firearms
  • Operation Southsea
    Class A and B drugs and firearms conspiracy linked to South Manchester Street Gang
  • Operation Viceroy
    16 handed conspiracy to supply cannabis
  • Operation Vista
    Scheme to launder the proceeds of VAT fraud, committed in multiple jurisdictions in excess of 40 million Euro

We are able to represent you under legal aid where available or at competitive rates.

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